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Updated: May 6

Information Provided By Our Partners: Saviour Management

Following a lineup change and the introduction of new vocalist Aimee Allin, Seek Harbour recently returned with three big tracks ‘Skin vs. Chrome’, ‘Emotion vs. Motion’ and ‘Fortune vs. Favour’.

Seek Harbour released their new single 'Faith vs Patience' on 26th April 2024 and features Laura Vienna of The Animal In Me. The band have previously had support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Kerrang Radio (Featured Artist Of The Week), Kerrang (Top 20 Chart), Dreambound, TotalRock (Single Of The Week), Idioteq, Noizze, RTE2XM, and more and have already accrued over 350,000 streams on Spotify alone across previous releases. The band tour the UK with Colt 45 in May 2024 and have plans for a busy year ahead, having already toured with Skies in January.

“Faith vs. Patience was a fun experience to write and record as we had 3 voices to play about with in the song. We had to deliberate on how to rewrite my vocals as originally Laura was intended to be the only female voice on the track. In the end I think this track was a great ending track for the EP and rounds everything off perfectly.”  - Aimee Allin

“This track, for me, jumps out from the rest immediately with its bouncy rhythm in the verses. A great crescendo of a final track. 
Being a fan of The Animal In Me myself, I was thrilled to hear Chris had been speaking to Laura to feature on the track, and I'm so glad she did. She does a great job and despite the track having 3 vocals it never feels busy at any point, it all fits in intricately & nicely.” - Edwin Hall

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 - "As usual, Seek Harbour have smashed it out the park with their final single release, Faith vs Patience. Everything in this track was executed perfectly, putting a track together with 2 vocalists must be hard enough to work with, let alone putting together a track with an additional vocalist and ensuring it all works together seamlessly. A massive congratulations to Seek Harbour, I look forward to hearing what they release next and to follow them on what is already an incredible journey!"

"The Faith vs Patience EP is incredible, each track is unique yet plays so seamlessly when played one after the other and is a perfect introduction for their new vocalist Aimee Allin, I am sure these guys have much more to share with the world with their future releases, a legendary band in the making!"

Stream Faith vs Patience now:

Seek Harbour are on tour with Colt 45, don't miss out!

23.03.24 Deal - The Lighthouse* (Seek Harbour Only)

10.05.24 Cheltenham - Frog And Fiddle

11.05.24 Carlisle - The Source Collective

12.05.24 Birmingham - Subside

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