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British Rock Act, The Fires Below, released their devilish debut EP 'Masquerade' on 01/09/23

The Fires Below, a four-piece rock act, unveiled their debut EP 'Masquerade' on September 1, 2023, offering a glimpse into the band's promising future within this single EP.

Each track seamlessly flows into the next, showcasing the band's impeccable cohesion and allowing every instrument to shine distinctly. This meticulous arrangement is a testament to the artist's dedication to crafting a cohesive release. The vocalist's exceptional talent exudes immense potential, leaving me eager to witness their vocal evolution in the years to come.

What sets this band apart is their inclusion of electrifying guitar solos, a classic touch that's enjoying a well-deserved revival in today's music. These solos, when fitting, infuse a delightful energy into the tracks. Combined with the crystal-clear presence of the drums and bass on every song, it's impossible not to find oneself grooving along enthusiastically.

Vocalist and Guitarist Smithy, spoke to SanPR about the creation of 'Masquerade':

“A lot of hard work has gone into our first EP. The recording process was fun, inspiring, and exciting to hear everything come together. There is a lot of energy, pain and anger in our music about the state of the world today that we think everyone can relate to it.”

Upon reading this band's comment, it becomes evident that they harbour untapped energy behind the scenes, poised to propel their career to greater heights and reveal their true potential. This is merely the initial chapter of their journey.

The Verdict: 9/10 - The Fires Below's debut EP signifies just the inception of their musical voyage; expect a wealth of captivating content on the horizon.

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