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On 15th March 2024, one of the UK's most promising acts, Twin Skeletons, released their final offering '(DON'T) LET IT BE THE END' which concluded their debut EP release 'Did You Get What You Wanted?' which is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

I was first introduced to Twin Skeletons back in December 2023 with their lead single release 'What You Wanted' and it absolutely blew me away. It quickly became one of my most played tracks on Spotify and is streamed almost daily in my car, I feel like at this point, I probably know the lyrics to the entire song and I may have sustained some whiplash whilst driving, and that isn't by having an accident, that's by head banging to the drops in the track.

Anyway, enough about me. As you can probably tell, this review is going to be extremely positive and that's because this debut EP release is a f*cking belter and it makes me super excited to just think about what these guys could accomplish with a full album release! I'm sorry, but 4 tracks is just not enough, it may be an EP but MY GOD I NEED MORE!

The EP itself to me, is a release of angst, after going through a complicated relationship with someone, someone who promised to be by your side no matter what and who would support and help you achieve your dreams, a person who you gave all your time, energy and devotion to and instead they betray you for their own personal gain, but yet when it all goes wrong for them they are nothing but apologetic and expect you to forgive them and go back to how things were before their betrayal. The last track, (don't) let it be the end, to me is like an inner battle within yourself, you know your relationship with them needs to come to an end for your own sake, but you are also struggling to let it go at the same time.

This of course, may not be the intention from the band for the EP, but myself as a listener and with my own personal experience, this is how I connect with this EP. We all have been through relationship struggles, whether that be a romantic relationship, friendship or even family. This is why I feel this EP can connect to everyone, we've all had someone who you thought you could trust but instead it feels like they are trying to sabotage everything you do. The track 'Deadweight' is a perfect example of this, no matter what you do in these situations, it feels like you are being pulled back and weighed down. You are so close to achieving those goals, but something or someone keeps pulling that rope and you struggle to let go. Which again is spoken about in the track 'Make Me'.

My Final Thoughts:

Overall, this EP hits hard, in both an emotional and musical sense. 'Did You Get What You Wanted' is an anthemic celebration EP for those who have been through the struggles of life, which I am sure all of us have, letting everyone know that you are not alone and that there are others out there who are fighting the same battle as you.

In musical terms, this EP is absolutely incredible and the factor of it being Twin Skeletons debut release just amplifies how creative and talented these guys are. Each track is unique, after listening a few times you start to hear elements of each track that you might not have noticed the first time around, just listen to 'Make Me', that track is jam-packed with incredible instrumental choices and reminded me somewhat of Motionless in White, it may not be heavy in that sense but in terms of creativity and minor detail, Twin Skeletons have absolutely smashed it.

Novacaine Rating: 10/10

"If you are looking for a hard hitting band who is gearing up to take the world by storm, then you better check out Twin Skeletons! You do not want to miss out!"

Twin Skeletons also went on a UK tour to promote their debut EP and sold out their release show, in addition, BBC Radio 1 Introducing also spun their track 'What You Wanted' and the band are being featured in multiple other publications and radio stations across the country. These guys are well on their way to becoming a success and I for one am excited to be following them on this adventure.

Twin Skeletons next tour starts in May 2024:

Stream 'Did You Get What You Wanted'

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