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New Old School Rock 'N" Rollers, The Rattlebacks, are back again with their brand new single 'Backdrop' on 18th April 2024!

New Old School Rock 'N' Rollers, The Rattlebacks, have returned once more with their brand new single 'Backdrop' following their incredible EP release 'Kink' on 19th November 2023 which featured electrifying tracks and powerhouse vocals throughout.

The Rattlebacks new single, 'Backdrop' is no different. Except this time round they are turning up the volume to the max, punching you in the face with their rock 'n' roll sound waves, staying consistent with their sound, still featuring kick-ass instrumentals and the insane powerhouse vocals of Josh Clarke.

The new single definitely gives me old Guns 'n' Roses struck with the lightning of AC/DC, making this track 100% mosh-worthy, of which I thought I'd never say when it came to The Rattlebacks sound, to me it was more of a jumping crowd but I can certainly picture a mosh opening up when the track really kicks in.

So, is this my favourite track by The Rattlebacks? If I'm honest, it is not my favourite track from the band, Amon still holds a special place in my heart with that tasty as f*ck solo from Max Horn, but that is not to say that Backdrop isn't a good song, it is a belter of a track and almost competes with Amon, ALMOST, but yet it is still truly delicious!

Overall, if you are looking for a new sound but still want to hear tasty rock 'n' roll riffs, solos and powerhouse vocals, then The Rattlebacks should be your go to band and this new track proves that these guys are aiming for the stars and by the sound of their releases so far, these guys are well on their way of achieving just that.

Novacaine Rating: 10 out of f*cking 10 - "You NEED to join, Jack, Coxy, Josh, Max and Seth in celebrating not just the release of Backdrop, but The Rattlebacks as a whole. The band is a celebration of Rock 'N' Roll in itself and that is why you should listen to Backdrop!"

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