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Updated: May 6

Information Provided By Our Partners: SanPR

FONZY AND COMPANY were formed in Bristol, England, at the end of 2019 by frontman and guitarist, Fonzy Armour. The band garnered a barrage of critical acclaim, media attention, and prominent radio airplay for their EPs: Is It Me? and Touche. The emerging alt-rockers also toured relentlessly throughout the UK supporting the likes of Saliva, The Beat, Chris Slade (ACDC), The Hooziers, Billy Lunn (The Subways), The Darkness and more.


Now after a year’s hiatus, FONZY AND COMPANY are back with a completely fresh sound, taking influence from contemporary artists such as Cheekface and Sports Team, as well as from distinctive icons like David Bowie, Pixies, and Talking Heads. F&C’s new sound is truly unique, lyrically focused and experimental.


Sporting a revitalised line-up, consisting of original members vocalist Olivia Jury and drummer Sam Bennett, the band exist as an ‘Anti-Social Media’ act, with a number of intriguing projects soon to be announced, as well as a brand-new podcast. Next up for the unconventional trio is the release of their magnetic new single, Cinnamon Laces.

Fonzy remarks about the song:

“The single was produced by Sanders at Kings Road Studio, Cardiff; it’s unique and is a contradiction to the band's previous releases. The song has a prominent monotone vocal with melancholy beauty - it's a post rock / pop hybrid that screams ‘new wave’.”

In line with FONZY AND COMPANY’s artistic and creative nature, a wealth of singles and more will be released this year.

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Novacaine Rating: 9/10 - "Not my usual style of music, but Cinnamon Laces is definitely a vibe and a new genre that I'll be venturing more into!"

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