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Scottish post-alt-progressive trio Midas Fall drop the third single from their fifth studio album, Cold Waves Divide Us.

I Am Wrong thunders along on pounding rhythmic drums swirling around heavy swathes of low and delicate melodic highs. The accompanying video by Stephen Alexander keeps pace with a highly kinetic performance by dancer Amber Dollin, who ricochets and contorts to the music against a nocturnal urban landscape.

“A lot of our music comes from a place of sadness and reflection, and takes its time to build and Layer. I Am Wrong comes from a much angrier place. We played around with this more aggressive sound using pounding drums and baritone guitars.
Lyrically it is about feeling trapped in a situation with someone where you feel never good enough, constantly criticised and like you can never win. When the self-doubt and insecurity turns to the realisation that you are being bullied, the result is a pretty pissed off song.
The video was filmed over the course of a night in Glasgow city centre. It is a nod to the 1981 film Possession where a woman becomes possessed in a Metro station. We are big fans of this era of horror so also wanted to integrate some Dario Argento style FX to add to the drama of the song.” - Elizabeth Heaton, Vocalist.

Cold Waves Will Divide Us will be available digitally, as well as on CD and limited pressing of 500 LPs on 180g Vinyl.

Variations: 150 Black, 350 Clear with orange and black splatter


1. In the Morning We'll Be Someone Else  

2. I Am Wrong  

3. Salt  

4. In This Avalanche  

5. Point of Diminishing Return  

6. Monsters  

7. Atrophy  

8. Cold Waves Divide Us  

9. Little Wooden Boxes  

10. Mute

Meet The Band: Elizabeth Heaton - vocals, guitars, strings, synths, piano, drums

Rowan Burn - guitars, synths, piano, drums

Michael Hamilton - bass, synths, drums

Midas Fall Tour Dates: (Click here for tickets)

16.04.24  Munich DE - Sunny Red Club

17.04.24  Dresden DE - Polimagie Festival

18.04.24  Karlsruhe DE - Kohi

19.04.24  Neunkirchen DE - Stummsche Reithalle

20.04.24  Osnabrück DE - Pop Salon Festival

26.05.24 London UK - Portals Festival, EartH

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