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American Metalcore act, Bad Omens, have released a brand new single today (16th February 2022) from their upcoming album 'The Death Of Peace Of Mind' which is set to be released on 25th February 2022 via Sumerian Records.

First Impressions

Every single time I listen to a Bad Omens song I'm always taken aback by Noah Sebastian's vocals and 'The Grey' is no different. Once you begin to play the song, you can tell it's not quite going to be a heavy track, in terms of drops & screams, as Bad Omens like to mix it up, referencing back to their earlier works but nonetheless you're still hit with those incredible vocals and an awesome pulsating instrumental.

The Grey

This track unlike most Bad Omens tracks, actually had me focusing more on the lyrics, this track really hits hard when you listen carefully. For me, this track is all about being left alone to deal with your struggles, with nobody around to support you, trying to be someone different but no one noticed until it was too late.

Like many artists, Bad Omens have always had a way with words and every song has a deep meaning to them that most of us can understand & relate to.

If you put the meanings to one side, this track hits hard in a different way. As I said before, it's not heavy but it is a hard hitting song in terms of sound and will certainly go down well when it's performed live on stage. I have a feeling this'll be one where the audience will either stand and listen or it'll be one where the band can get some crowd interaction singing along. Either way, I very much need to hear this track live.

The Final Score

Overall, as per usual, Bad Omens have hit it out of the park, into the rock n roll stratosphere and have provided us with another awesome addition to their upcoming album.

The Rating: 10/10 💀

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