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UK Nu-Metalcore Act, Drip Fed Empire, are set to release their debut album 'Revolutionist' on 26th January 2024. We have been given early access to the album so we can provide our thoughts on the new release!

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Imposing UK Nu-metalcore four-piece DRIP FED EMPIRE are ready to step up with the release of their blistering debut album, Revolutionist, which is out on Friday 26th January. The Brit crossover unit have also unveiled their breathtaking new single and video, Arcane, out now

Pooling a raft of influences spanning from metalcore and industrial, through to nu-metal, DRIP FED EMPIRE have already picked up many accolades and warm comparisons to everyone from Rage Against The Machine, Enter Shikari, and Bring Me The Horizon. Unleashing a style and dialect that are distinctively their own, DRIP FED EMPIRE are a band of brothers with a political voice and strong social conscience, and this is illustrated through their engrossing and powerful lyrical subjects.  


The energetic dystopian crew were originally born in 2016, but several personnel changes thwarted the band’s early progress, causing the alt-metallers to go on a forced hiatus. However, with a revived line-up and a burst of new material, DRIP FED EMPIRE returned in 2021, and since then they have swiftly increased their scope and fanbase. Successful live shows throughout the UK and in Germany have all played their part, and so too has a flurry of support slots with everyone from Electric Callboy, Attila, The Algorithm, Hacktivist, Seething Akira, and more. 


In 2023, the dynamic four-piece headed to Hidden Track Studios (Holding Absence, Neck Deep, Loathe, Architects) to work on their debut album, Revolutionist, with highly respected producer, Oz Craggs. The result has been astonishing.  DRIP FED EMPIRE have laid down a body of work that immediately hits you between the eyes, exploding with intense fury and gripping riffage. The record offers a girth of attraction and originality, stuffed with powerful beats, impressive breakdowns, and alluring electronic bites. 


With a constant flow of live shows planned for 2024, and a glut of content in the works, this year is primed to be huge for DRIP FED EMPIRE.

Novacaine Review: (Rating 10/10)

Get ready to unleash your inner mosh warrior on January 26th, 2024, because Drip Fed Empires is about to drop their debut album, 'Revolutionist,' and it's a sonic tsunami you won't want to miss.

Packed to the brim with bone-rattling breakdowns and enough energy to light up the national grid, 'Revolutionist' is a genre-defying masterpiece that seamlessly melds Nu-Metal and Metalcore. Brace yourself for a headbanging experience that allows you to both rave and dominate the pit simultaneously, leaving you to question the sheer intensity of their tour with Electric Callboy.

Picture this: Static-X colliding with Architects, blending seamlessly with Beartooth, and meeting the edge of Bring Me The Horizon. It might sound like a wild concoction, but trust me, it works like a charm. The result is pure insanity.

Among the album's gems, two tracks stand out as personal favorites – 'MK4' and 'Digital Drug.' While 'MK4' is a riotous joyride, 'Digital Drug' takes the excitement up a notch, with its electrifying blend of screams and beats that had me headbanging in the car. The infusion of EDM elements, expertly executed, feels like a subtle touch from The Prodigy.

What sets 'Revolutionist' apart is its ability to give each track a distinctive identity. The album maintains a heavy vibe throughout, but the diversity between each song is nothing short of perfection. It keeps you on the edge, eagerly anticipating what sonic revelation will hit you next.

Admittedly, I was initially unsure about this album, but as I delved deeper into its layers, I discovered the true epicness it embodies.

For a debut album, the level of artistry showcased is downright impressive. Brace yourselves, because when these guys hit the stage on tour, they're going to obliterate everything in their path. A sequel tour with Electric Callboy? Count me in – I want front-row seats for that chaos.

Release Date: 26th January 2024.

Be there, or miss out. Don't be silly.

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