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British Death Tech Act, Semprus, have released their brand new EP 'A Fractured Reality' on September 29th 2023.

Do you like your ears? Well prepared to have them mutilated by Surry Death Tech Act, Semprus, as they unleash their latest EP, 'A Fractured Reality,' and it's a deathly explosion you won't want to miss.

This EP marks Semprus' second release, following the success of 'Desolation' in 2022, with one track from the EP, 'Genocide,' amassing over 19,000 plays on Spotify alone. Semprus have already released three singles from the EP, 'Hatred', 'Insanity' and 'Genetic Misery' which are already proving popular amongst their fans.

Vocalist, Travis Beckket, spoke to SanPR about the bands motivation behind the new EP:

"The concept for this EP is the insanity of everyday life. To help you understand that existence is pain, but we can get through it, if we learn to accept our flaws, evolve, talk to each other and let go of hatred and misery, and put an end to humanity's identity crisis."

If you enjoy the likes of Thy Art Is Murder, Slipknot, Loathe and NiN, Semprus is the band for you. The band has harnessed the energy of these legendary acts to create something legendary of their own, creating a death tech album that'll send you to the depths below.

I've said previously that I enjoy bands that include screaming but I'm usually the sort of person who listens to Nu-Metal, something about that genre just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When it comes to death metal or any genres along those lines are not usually my go to, but Semprus have hand-crafted a sound that just hits me in the right spot.

The Final Score: 10/10

"Semprus has masterfully crafted an EP that radiates professionalism and artistry, providing fans with an enticing glimpse into the promising future that awaits the band. I, for one, am eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for Semprus."

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