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4 Piece Metalcore Act, Sworn Amongst, released their new single 'Tyrant' on 22nd January 2024.

Information Provided By: Ash Currie

Hailing from Kingston Upon Hull, Northern Metalcore outfit Sworn Amongst have

unveiled their latest single ‘TYRANT’. It’s the quartet's 2nd release after their 3 year

hiatus spanning from 2020 - 2023, kickstarting their campaign for a bigger release later

in the year.

Having toured extensively though the early 2000s, 2010 saw the band once again

turning heads, this time with a debut appearance at Metal Heads Mission Festival in

Crimea, Ukraine. In 2011, the band would return to the festival, replacing none-other

than Meshuggah as headliner.

It is no secret to anyone the horrifying events that have unfolded in Ukraine since the Russian invasion of 2021, and after consultation with the friends and fans that were made during their two appearances at Ukraine's premier metal festival, Sworn Amongst have produced the visceral and earth-shaking single 'Tyrant'.

'Tyrant' is offered not only as a tribute to the friends, acquaintances, and all

peoples affected by this modern day genocide, but also a profound statement of support.

“In the early 2000’s Sworn Amongst performed a series of shows in Ukraine, ‘Tyrant’ is dedicated to our Ukrainian friends, their compatriots and all of the people who suffer at the hands of oppression. An anthem for those lost and a message for those responsible.” - Sworn Amongst

Sworn Amongst are a 4 piece Metal band hailing from the UK. The band are a well

renowned name throughout the UK and Europe with both the press and on the live

circuit. Their relentless touring over recent years with pummeling live performances have

seen the band on tour all over Europe and beyond, adding numbers to their ever

increasing fan base.

Sworn Amongst have toured with numerous acts including playing

main support to Canadian speed metal legends Annihilator as well as: Gama Bomb, Our

Hollow Our Home, Bonded By Blood, Breed 77, Evile, The Rotted and Incite.

Sworn Amongst have also played with the likes of Asking Alexandria, Skindred, The

Faceless, Anthrax, Bleed From Within, Sepultura, While She Sleep and Dark Tranquillity.

The band have also made appearances on a variety of festival bills such as Hammerfest,

Download Festival, Bloodstock, Metal Heads Mission, Wurzburg Metal Fest and Metal

Invasion to name but a few.

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 - "Get your head ready for some banging, Seek Amongst is here to seek and destroy with their new single 'Tyrant', if you've not heard it yet and are a lover of metalcore, you are missing out!"

Sworn Amongst Members:

Liam Liddel: Guitar, Vocals

Ash Currie: Guitar, Vocals

Kieran Andrew: Bass

Jonny Harper: Drums

Listen to the new single 'Tyrant' below:

Follow Sworn Amongst:

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