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4 Piece Rock Act, Twin Skeletons, released their brand new single 'Make Me' on 24th January 2024 and announce their debut EP 'Did You Get What You Wanted' which is set for release on 15th March 2024.

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South of the UKs antidote: TWIN SKELETONS are ready to show what their bones are truly made of. This four piece female led Skeleton Rock Band are bringing real, poster wall worthy bands back to the forefront of the alternative scene with their metal inspired coming-of-age sound. Combined with their all or nothing approach to putting on a show and their undeniable writing talent, they are looking to make a significant impact within the industry.

After two hugely successful singles ‘DEADWEIGHT’ & ‘WHAT YOU WANTED’ the band are coming through and keeping the momentum with their explosive new single ‘MAKE ME’ OUT 24TH JANUARY alongside announcing their Debut EP ‘DID YOU GET WHAT YOU WANTED’ OUT 15TH MARCH.

Make Me differs from their previous tracks as they begin to incorporate groovy electronic synths alongside their signature heavy riffs and bold vocals. “In my own heartless bliss, you submiss” The song conveys the constant need to have control over every situation, which results in using selfish ways to do so, but ultimately, we all run out of chances. “Next time your mine, can you make me feel again” explores the duality of wanting control over how someone

feels towards you whilst being so heavily reliant on them to make you happy.

The Group find themselves at a good head start already, already being backed by BBC Radio 1s very own Nels Hylton as his ‘Future flavour’ two times running now! BBC Introducing’s Sound of The Weekend with James Threlfall 4 times! A load of reviews & editorials for the first two singles while also making it onto editorial playlists such as ‘The Punk List’, ‘Emo Rock Anthems’, ‘New Rock’, ‘Nels Hyltons New Threads’ & BBC Introducing ‘Honor Morrisons New Indie’.

Novacaine Rating: 10/10 - "Make Me, is the best track from the EP so far!"




First Edition Coming Soon!

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