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Alternative Rock Act, Paraline, released their brand new album 'Sound Weapon' on 1st March 2024 via Eclipse Records.

The new album titled Sound Weapon by alternative rock band Paraline is a battle cry straight from the soul. Packed into a military box featured on the album cover, this "weapon" thematically explores the glory and tragedy of mirrored duality through its music: parallel lines symmetrically perfect yet never connecting, like the brothers in the band, one playing foil for the other and visa versa until nothing is left but raw truth. Musically, the groove is the key to the cages of the lockup. The regal guitars open the war-chest, and the vocals are a smooth and lustrous searchlight chasing fear to the shadows and demons back into their snake pits. - Eclipse Records

The Review:

On 30th January 2024 I released a review of the bands single from the album 'Icarus' of which I rated 10/10 and said that Paralines was set to become one of my personal favourites alongside the likes of Three Days Grace, and with this new album 'Sound Weapon' they have further proven my pre-considerations.

'Sound Weapon' kicks off with the track 'Icarus' which is an absolute thunderous track, everything in this track is artisticly crafted together with such precision. At first I wasn't too sure about it, as I've said previously, my music style is definitely pointed more towards Nu-Metal but this track grew on me more and more as I put together the original article and I found myself attempting to (failing spectacularly) belting out the words. For now, I can only imagine what this track is like to experience being performed live. If their energetic studio work is anything to go by, I can't help but wonder what their performances are like.

Following Icarus, is the track 'One Shot One Kill' which again, is yet another thunderous track. At first it gave me Muse vibes but then it goes into this electrical breakdown mixed with hard beats and what I can only describe as masterful wordplay. This band is an Alt-Rock band that incorporates Metalcore/Nu-Metal vibes, which is making me fall in love with Paraline even more.

'Hyperdynamic' is a track filled with kinectic energy, pounding through your body to get your blood pumping when you are in the pits, as if you are being prepped to head straight into the trenches to take part in the Sound War. Featuring a filthy breakdown and the war cry of 'This Is Paraline' to tell you they are here to take down the boundaries of music. I declare this track as my favourite from this album, it is geared to the max with everything I want to hear when it comes to music. Honestly, the build up throughout the track made my arm hairs stand up and I couldn't help but just smile at how awesome this track is.

The music video is f*cking legendary too:

1999 and Perfect Blue round off 'Sound Weapon' perfectly, continuing with the thunderous sounds of their battle cry, but slowing it down to mark the end of your time spent during the battles of the Sound War, but the war continues with Paraline on the march to claim their seat on the almighty music throne, which in my eyes with this album, they are declared victorious.

Overall, Paraline have exceeded all of my expectations, I purposely did not listen to the album in full when it was sent across when Icarus was released so I could write this review upon my first listen and give you my initial thoughts. So far, I have listened to this album release twice whilst writing this review, and everytime each of the tracks are played, my mind is continously blown away by the Sound Weapon that is Paraline.

Please give this album a listen, if you are a fan of genres such as Alt-Rock, Nu-Metal, Metalcore, or just epic music in general, you will quickly fall in love with Paraline.

Stream Now: 

Novacaine Rating: 11/10 "Paraline has quickly become one of my favourite artists this year and I will be ordering a physical copy of their album 'Sound Weapon' if and when it becomes available.."




First Edition Coming Soon!

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