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Sheffield based Metal Act, Shadow Smile, have released a new single 'Your Eyes' on 5th Janaury 2024.

Shadow Smile have released a brand new single 'Your Eyes' which is an acoustic(ish) track dedicated to one of the bands supporters Katie McGowan.

The band posted on Facebook stating that they have made multiple tracks dedicated to those who pledged to their crowdfunder last year which funded the bands debut album 'Signed In Blood' which was released on 18th August 2023.

The new single is different to their usual releases, as stated it is an acoustic(ish) track but it is also a unique and beautiful track from the band. Their debut album not only hit hard but it also clearly took Shadow Smile on a journey, exploring the music within and being able to showcase all of their musical talents. This track is no different, it shows they have the ability to switch it up and create something incredible.

Shadow Smile is a band that gives back to their fans, even though it is their musical creation, they ensure that their audience is able to join them on their musical adventure.

Despite 'Your Eyes' not being to my usual music taste, as you may know I am very much into my Nu-Metal, it is a track that I very much enjoyed and has been added to my personal playlist.

Novacaine Rating: 10/10

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