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All heil the North East! Stay Free are here to get you movin' and feeling good with their brand new single 'Be Yourself' which was released on 01/02/2023.

Now, if I'm going to be completely honest, Stay Free's music isn't my usual style, much like my previous review of Zebedy, but Stay Free's sound is very different compared to the usual genres I dip into on a day-to-day basis, my favourite of all being Nu-Metal and Metalcore, but I thought let's give them a shot and I press that play button and at first, I wasn't sure, but once the vocals and the bopping background kicked in, I was boppin' in my seat and after the third replay I was singing along to the lyrics.

The PR I received for this single called it an 'Infectious Tune' and I couldn't agree more, it gets stuck in your head and there is no doubt that I'm going to get up tomorrow humming & singing this song. It gives off good vibes and the lyrics and beat are just so damn catchy.

According to Stay Free, this track is 'An anthem about avoiding all of the pressure the world and media put on you to be a certain way and just to follow your own heart and be true to your authentic self' which is an amazing heartfelt message to send out into the world and is a message we here at RLUK want to push ourselves. Artists deserve to be able to showcase what they are all about not what their audience wants them to be. Be Yourself.

Some of you may think that the band sounds familar to you, now they don't to me as it's my first time hearing these guys but the band members of Stay Free are actually the members of Boy Jumps Ship who's number one single on Spotify is titled 'Burn':

These guys have opened my mind just that little bit more, allowing me to explore even more genres and discover some truly awesome stuff. That includes their music during their time as Boy Jumps Ship, the sound of that band is very much my style but Stay Free also have made a good impression on me.

So, obviously, if you was a fan of Boy Jumps Ship, check out Stay Free and if you're only just discovering these guys just like me, go check out Stay Free and Boy Jumps Ship. You won't be dissapointed.



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