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The incredible talents of I Prevail are once again being broadcasted around the world with there latest single release ‘Bad Things’ which dropped on 13th July 2022 via Fearless Records.

‘Bad Things’ is a brand new single from the bands upcoming album ‘True Power’ set to be released on 19th August 2022 which also features the albums first single release ‘Body Bag’ which received wide-spread positive reviews around the globe since its release.

First Impressions

I Prevail already set the bar high with the release of ‘Body Bag’ as that track absolutely kicked-ass, but in usual I Prevail fashion, they smashed it with the ‘Bad Things’ release and it has made me extremely excited for the album release in August. The new track has the perfect mixture of cleans, screams and smashable drops. This is the I Prevail that I know and love. I don’t know how they do it but every track they release you can sing along and start a mosh in your living room, I don’t think there is a single I Prevail song that I don’t like and ‘Bad Things’ is no different. The minute I finished listening to this track it went straight into my playlist and I’m already considering buying the album upon its release which is a rarity for me.

True Power

My favourite I Prevail to date is there last studio album release ‘TRAUMA’ which was released in 2019, but before that was ‘Lifelines’ which released in 2016. There seems to be a trend going here, every single album release so far has blown me away and ‘True Power’ is already on its way to topping ‘TRAUMA’ especially with ‘Body Bag’ being one of the featured tracks and with ‘Bad Things’ following it up, you just know ‘True Power’ is just going to absolutely slap.

I have this itching feeling that ‘True Power’ is going to throw this band even further into the stratosphere if they continue to add belters like these.

The Final Score

I have nothing negative to say about I Prevails latest releases or even about the band at all. I hold I Prevail close to my heart and I have every possible limb crossed that Download Festival announce them for 2023 and put them high up on the bill. When they performed in 2019 they performed early in the day which does not work for a band like this, they need to be much higher up and given more time to absolutely destroy.

Overall, ‘Bad Things’ is yet another I Prevail studio success and I hope that my predictions are true and that this new album shoots them up higher than ever. They truly deserve it.

Rating: 10/10 ��

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