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Sheffield based rising metal act, Shadow Smile, released their gritty new acoustic single 'World on Fire' on 29th May 2024.

The new single 'World on Fire' is their first single since early February 2024 with the release of 'Thousandfold Sun' of which the track is "A very human take on what the implications of nuclear conflict may bring" and after reading the lyrics and listening to the new track, World on Fire follows a similar theme, talking about how we are watching the world bringing itself to its knees, and as of right now that topic is extremely relatable.

This track not only talks about what we are currently witnessing, but it also comes across as a track as coming together as people and coming out stronger than before.

Asside from the meanings behind the track, it also displays the growth within Shadow Smile's musical abilities. In this track you can hear how tight the band have become when putting these tracks together, everything instrumentally is perfection within this track, from the war like beats of the drums, the end times sound of the guitars and the pulsating groove of the bass, and the vocalistic growth with Connor is incredible, his vocals have become more gritty and by the sounds, much more powerful than ever before and you can hear this towards the end of the track, you can also hear that the band have been working on adding additional harmonising vocals in the band, which is an amazing addition and works incredibly well with this track.

Overall, 'World on Fire' is one of Shadow Smile's best releases to date. It may not be heavy in terms of sound, but it is emotionally heavy and is one you should pay close attention to. With this being said, I would love to hear a 'Metal' version of this track from the band, it would be dramatic and I have a feeling would capture even more attention from potential new fans.

Novcaine Rating: 10/10 - "One of Shadow Smile's best releases to date, they should have your attention now!"




First Edition Coming Soon!

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