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Shinedown, the insanely talented rock band from Flordia, Jacksonville, dropped their long awaited album ‘Planet Zero’ on 1st July 2022.

Shinedown are my number 1 favourite artist of all time, I’ve seen them live 4 times in the last 2-3 years and every single time they blow me away and it just seems there live performances only keep getting better and better and that also goes hand in hand with the bands studio releases.

First Impressions

As like most listeners of the album, my first impression as to what the album was going to sound like was with the single release ‘Planet Zero’ of which the album itself is named after. This track was immense and made me extremely excited for what was to come and I assumed that this album would have a futuristic or apocalyptic theme similar to Bring Me The Horizons ‘Post Human: Survival Horror’ EP which went on to being one of the bands biggest releases to date.

Turns out, I was right about the futuristic theme, however, not in the sense that you might’ve thought.

‘Planet Zero’ – The Album

Shinedown themselves have publicly said that the album ‘Planet Zero’

‘is a reminder that the future depends on all of us’

Planet Zero, the single, talks about cancel culture; ‘bite your tongue ’cause it might save your life’, ‘I think we’ve reached the ceiling they’re cancelling your feelings’ and segregation in terms of not fitting into society’s box ‘All hail power to the people, except you, you check the box we don’t like’, these are powerfully descriptive lyrics about the society that we all live in today.

This album is packed with tracks that perfectly describe how the world unfortunately works, how we as humans treat one another, how we the people handle situations or how we’re not being heard by those in power who say they care. It’s one big struggle and we’re all fighting to keep everything together, but one persons way of doing things may affect or offend another.

If I’m honest, at first I thought this album was going to be a futuristic apocalypse themed album but I was so wrong, I didn’t read much into the lyrics and didn’t really follow what Shinedown where marketing at the time, but the more you look into it, they’ve basically called society out, saying what most of us really think in these situations, just these guys have the guts to say it.

The Final Score

Do I love this album though? If I’m honest, this isn’t my favourite Shinedown album, I’m still very much in love with Attention! Attention! but that does not mean this release was a flop. There are so many tracks in this release that are just insane and I very much look forward to them being performed live, tracks such as ‘No Sleep Tonight’, ‘America Burning’, ‘Clueless and Dramatic’ and ‘Sure Is Fun’ to name a few.



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